Cardigans & Kimonos


      Stylish Cardigans & Kimonos

      Get comfortable and layer up to add some dimension to your every-day favorite outfits. Shop with Krush Kandy to find beachy, lightweight kimonos or cozy, soft cardigans. We want to provide the best of the best in every trendy style, just for you. Keep up with the latest and greatest boutique looks and how to style a cardigan or kimono with the help of Krush Kandy. 

      How To Style

      Cardigans and Kimonos can go casual or elegant, depending on what you want to wear them with! Pick a flowy kimono if you're wearing shorts and sandals, for a little bit of coverage and style. Wrap up in a soft cardigan with your favorite flattering pair of denim or joggers for a more casual vibe that can stay in or go out. 

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