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New Boutique Outfits & Arrivals

Welcome to our new arrivals section! You can probably guess what you’ll find here -- the best new styles in our collection of cute boutique clothing and accessories! We’re always on the lookout for designs that meet our criteria for knock-out style and high quality. When we find boutique-style clothing we love, we can’t wait to share them with you! Shop this section to find everything you need to create cute boutique outfits with our favorite new items.

Hand-Picked Clothing

At Krush Kandy, we’re not going to put just anything in our boutique- we want to make every woman feel recognized and beautiful, and we can’t do that with any old items. Each piece in our new arrivals section is hand-picked by our founder, Kristyn Kilcullen. Our new arrivals capture the best new styles that Kristyn herself would wear. For these pieces, cute doesn’t even begin to cover it. These styles are ultra-chic but comfortable enough to wear anywhere. Not only that, they’re also unique items you won’t see anywhere else! With these exclusive pieces, you can build boutique outfits that will make everyone jealous of your trendy style.

Styles for Every Woman

Our boutique-style clothing and cute women’s jewelry does more than just elevate your style. Our business empowers women of all shapes and sizes to use fashion as an expression of who they are. We inspire creativity and confidence by giving you the tools you need to be your best self. Find boutique outfits that feel like you, and shop our new arrivals section today!

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