Boutique Bracelets

      Trendy bracelets are such an easy way to add some sparkle and shine to your ensemble. Whether you’re shooting for simple and straightforward or intricate and complex, our boutique bracelets offer beautiful options for every taste. Easy to throw on when you’re in a hurry, our gorgeous bracelets feature exclusive designs crafted with real, high-quality sterling silver. Don’t wait! Find the piece that speaks to you at Krush Kandy.

      Unique & Trendy Bracelet Designs

      Founded by Kristyn Kilcullen, Krush Kandy features stylish and trendy women’s boutique clothing and accessories you won’t find just anywhere. Our trendy jewelry is exclusively designed by Kristyn herself and created with our customers in mind. These gorgeous pieces are crafted with high-quality materials in styles that capture Krystyn’s creativity. Most importantly, you won’t find our trendy bracelets anywhere else! Find one-of-a-kind designs you’ll love in our collection of boutique bracelets.

      How to Style

      Bracelets make for such fun boutique accessories because of their versatility. You can slip on a single band for a simple addition to your outfit, or you can layer chunky cuffs for a more bohemian look. The sky’s the limit with our boutique bracelets!

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